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Fishing in Cabo - Possibly the Largest Dorado Ever Caught!

This remarkable video footage shows what could possibly be the largest Dorado ever caught.  If you've seen the video here!  We'd love to see it!

40th Anniversary of Pisces Sportfishing

No other company in Mexico has made a more profound impact on the country's sportfishing industry than Pisces Group.  This video profiles the owners and operations of Cabo's most important sportfishing company and also provides insights into the sustainable fishing practices that Pisces Group has helped pioneer.


Los Cabos Tourism
Showcasing the Great Content Created by the Los Cabos Tourism Board

Yachting, Fishing, & The Ultimate Culinary Experience in Los Cabos

In this extra-ordinary video, five of Cabo's community leaders join the Los Cabos Tourism Board in a wonderful wide ranging discussion about Los Cabos, Conservation and Sportfishing, the evolution of the community into a world-class luxury tourism destination, and a wonderful discussion about a recent shared experience involving yachting, fishing, and preparing fish to perfection on the high seas.  Enjoy this rare opportunity to hear from some of Cabo's most significant community leaders:

  • Angel Carabajal, Nick San Chef
  • Marco Ehrenberg, Pisces Group
  • Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces Group
  • Rodrigo Esponda, Los Cabos Tourism Board Director
  • Edgar Roman, Vatel representative in BCS

Marlin Fishing on the Picante Pride in Cabo - Sea of Cortez

I caught my first Striper Marlin in Cabos while deep sea fishing on the Picante Pride! 95 inches and approximately 160 pounds. Took about 25 mins to reel in, but check out the last few minutes. - Kent Hensley