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Rio - The Coolest Luxury Yacht in Cabo! | Pisces Yachts

We've all seen this yacht in the marina and wondered "What in the world is that!!!"

It's not the biggest yacht in the world, but it's definitely the coolest.  If James Bond had a yacht...this would be it!  

Rio is a 60-foot Luxury Yacht and is available for charter by Pisces Yachts. 

To book go to:

Marantha - A 120 Meter Mega Yacht Charter in Cabo San Lucas

Unquestionably, this Mega Yacht is one of the finest yacht charters available in Cabo San Lucas.
Los Cabos Tourism
Showcasing the Great Content Created by the Los Cabos Tourism Board

Yachting, Fishing, & The Ultimate Culinary Experience in Los Cabos

In this extra-ordinary video, five of Cabo's community leaders join the Los Cabos Tourism Board in a wonderful wide ranging discussion about Los Cabos, Conservation and Sportfishing, the evolution of the community into a world-class luxury tourism destination, and a wonderful discussion about a recent shared experience involving yachting, fishing, and preparing fish to perfection on the high seas.  Enjoy this rare opportunity to hear from some of Cabo's most significant community leaders:

  • Angel Carabajal, Nick San Chef
  • Marco Ehrenberg, Pisces Group
  • Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces Group
  • Rodrigo Esponda, Los Cabos Tourism Board Director
  • Edgar Roman, Vatel representative in BCS

Luxury Yacht & Whale Watching Tour | Cabo Adventures

Witness the enormity & grace of giant Humpback Whales in their natural environment.  Our luxurious double-deck catamaran will provide all the comfort for an unforgettable all-inclusive whale watching experience, while our expert and knowledgeable tour guides share interesting facts about the majestic humpback whales in Cabo San Lucas.  Our yacht is equipped with a hydrophone system to hear the whales "singing" in real-time.