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Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
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Fun snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas | Snorkel and Sea Adventure | Cabo Adventures

Slip-on your snorkel and jump in for an unforgettable ocean expedition. Marvel at the highlights of Cabo San Lucas Bay both above and below the water alongside our expert guide. Swim, snorkel or power snorkel at inspiring landmarks that are home to large, brilliantly colored tropical fish and sea life.

CABOREY | 2√ó1 Snorkeling Tour - Cruises in Cabo San Lucas

Step 1: Choose your Tour
Step 2: Choose your date
Step 3: Select the number of passengers, click NEXT
Step 4: Make your Payment


UNLIMITED TOURS IN ONE DAY - Wild Canyon Park Pass | Wild Canyon Adventures

At last, the maximum experience in Baja, pay one price and enjoy the best adventures in one day. You don’t have to choose anymore, do everything, and in your preferred order. We have activities that are ideal for families and also ones that will challenge your courage. Don’t give it more thought, you’re in Cabo and you have to live it!

CABO PULMO - SNORKELING TOUR - Discover Baja's #1 Reef & Underwater Oasis | Cabo Adventures

Cabo Pulmo lies approximately 60 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. 

  • Cabo Pulmo is the oldest of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America.
  • The reef is estimated to be 20,000 years old.
  • It is the northernmost coral reef in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
  • The area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.