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Whale Watching
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Whales of Los Cabos - Drone Video Footage

Each year, humpback and gray whales make an epic journey along the Pacific coastline of North America. From winter through early spring, whale watching in Cabo is truly a bucket list experience. Video by our friend Oscar Ortiz of Cabo Expeditions. Visit this page to learn more about our whale watching tours.

Whale Watching Season in Cabo San Lucas | Cabo Adventures

Experience the beauty that is the humpback whale during whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas. From December to Mid-April you will be able to take in the stunning creatures on Cabo Adventures whale watching tours.

Whale Watching Tours in Cabo San Lucas - Great Video

One of the coolest times of the year in Cabo is when the Whales are in town.  Whale watching season is best from mid-December to April.

Here is a great video that shows what to expect from a whale watching tour.


SWIMMING WITH WHALE SHARKS and WHALE WATCHING in Los Cabos & La Paz | Wild Canyon Adventures

It's humpback whale season AND whale shark season in Los Cabos! In this week's video, we go whale-watching in Cabo San Lucas and we swim with the sharks in La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur.